Common Questions To Ask

Common tarot reading questions can vary depending on the individual's concerns, but here are some popular ones:

Love and Relationships:
- What does the future hold for my current relationship?
- Will I find love soon?
- What can I do to improve my relationship?

-what obstacles are preventing from me and sp to reconnect ?

Career and Finances:
- Am I on the right career path?
- Will I be successful in my current job?
- How can I improve my financial situation?

Personal Growth and Spirituality:
- What lessons do I need to learn right now?
- How can I achieve inner peace and fulfillment?
- What spiritual path should I follow?

Decision Making:
- What should I focus on right now?
- Should I pursue a particular opportunity?
- What obstacles should I be aware of?

General Guidance:
- What do I need to know about the upcoming events in my life?
- What message do the cards have for me today?
- How can I manifest my desires and goals?

Understanding Others:
- What are their thoughts and feelings towards me?
- How do they perceive our relationship/connection?
- What are their intentions and desires regarding our interaction?

Receiving Messages:
- What message do they want me to receive or understand?
- What important information or insights do they want me to be aware of?
- What do they want me to know about our connection or situation?

Compatibility and Harmony:
- Are we compatible for a long-term relationship?
- How can we improve harmony and understanding in our relationship?
- What strengths and weaknesses do we bring to the relationship?

Communication and Connection:
- How can we improve communication between us?
- What barriers are hindering our connection, and how can we overcome them?
- What can I do to deepen our emotional bond?

Closure and Moving On:
- What lessons can I learn from this past relationship?
- How can I find closure and heal from a past breakup or disappointment?
- What steps can I take to move forward and open myself up to new love?

Trust and Loyalty:
- How can we rebuild trust in our relationship?
- What can I do to trust my partner more fully?
- Are there any betrayals or hidden truths I need to be aware of?

Commitment and Future:
- Is this relationship meant to last, or should I consider moving on?
- What steps can we take to strengthen our commitment to each other?
- What does the future hold for our relationship?