What Do They Want To Say ? Tarot Reading

What Do They Want To Say ? Tarot Reading

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3 card written card with what they want to say will be sent to your email. Your reading will be sent out in within 8 Hours including the central time zone weekend! The cards and meanings will be sent to the email you use at checkout, check your junk mail. No photos or videos will be sent with your card. Card reading is generated via chance* 

 YOU CANNOT add a tarot reading add ons to this reading!!

Examples of messages - 

Whispered Secrets:
Your person wants to share intimate secrets and hopes for a deeper level of trust and connection between you, revealing the innermost parts of themselves in a gesture of vulnerability.

Dancing Through Challenges:
Life's challenges are like a dance, and they want to face them hand in hand, moving gracefully through the ups and downs, learning and growing with each step.

Resilience in Storms:
They view your relationship as a stronghold that withstands life's storms, weathering adversity together and emerging stronger as a result.