Why Do You Knock On Tarot Cards?

Knocking on tarot cards is a practice used by some tarot readers as a way to clear any residual or stagnant energy from the cards before a reading. The intention behind knocking on the cards is to dislodge any lingering vibrations or influences that might affect the accuracy or clarity of the reading. Here are a few reasons why some tarot readers choose to knock on their tarot cards:

1. **Energetic Clearing:** The act of knocking is believed to create a vibration that can help disperse or neutralize any unwanted energy that may have attached itself to the cards. This is similar to the idea of using sound (such as a bell or chimes) to cleanse and purify a space or object.

2. **Setting the Tone:** Knocking on the cards can serve as a ritualistic action that marks the beginning of the reading, helping to shift your focus and mindset into a more receptive and intuitive state.

3. **Personal Preference:** Some tarot readers develop specific practices and rituals that resonate with them and help them connect with the cards. Knocking might be part of a personal routine that adds a sense of ceremony to the reading process.

4. **Symbolic Action:** Tarot readings often involve symbolic actions that help align the reader's energy and intentions with the cards. Knocking on the cards can be seen as a way to awaken and activate the cards' energy for the reading.

It's important to note that the practice of knocking on tarot cards is not universal, and not all tarot readers incorporate this step into their readings. If you choose to adopt this practice, do so with intention and mindfulness. Whether you decide to knock on your tarot cards or not, the key to an effective and meaningful reading lies in your intention, focus, and connection with the cards and your intuition.

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