Is It Bad Luck To Buy Used Tarot Cards?

The idea of whether it's bad luck to buy used tarot cards is a matter of personal belief and superstition. Different individuals and cultural traditions may hold varying opinions on this topic. Here are some points to consider:

1. **Energies and Intention:** Some people believe that tarot cards can carry the energy or intentions of previous owners. They may feel that purchasing used cards could potentially introduce unwanted or negative energies into their own readings.

2. **Cleansing and Personalization:** Others believe that tarot cards can be cleansed or cleared of any energies from previous owners through various methods, such as smudging, intention-setting, or exposure to moonlight. Additionally, some readers personalize their decks to align them with their own energies and intentions.

3. **Positive Perspective:** On the other hand, some individuals view used tarot cards as an opportunity to inherit the wisdom and experiences of previous owners, considering it a positive aspect rather than a negative one.

4. **Intention and Connection:** What matters most is the intention and connection you establish with the cards. If you feel comfortable and confident using used tarot cards, and you believe that your intention and energy can cleanse and personalize the deck, then it may not be a concern for you.

5. **Personal Beliefs:** Cultural beliefs and superstitions can play a role in one's perspective on this matter. It's important to honor your own beliefs while also respecting the beliefs of others.

6. **Cleansing Rituals:** If you decide to purchase used tarot cards and have concerns about the energies they might carry, you can perform cleansing rituals to purify the deck and establish a connection with it that aligns with your own intentions.

Ultimately, whether it's considered bad luck to buy used tarot cards is subjective and depends on your personal beliefs. If you're unsure or have reservations, you might consider purchasing a new deck or exploring methods to cleanse and personalize a used deck to make it your own. The most important aspect is your own comfort and confidence in working with the cards.

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