How Many Times Should I Shuffle Tarot?

The number of times you should shuffle tarot cards can vary based on personal preference, tradition, and your own sense of readiness. There is no hard and fast rule, but here are some considerations to help you determine how many times to shuffle:

1. **Intention and Energy:** Focus on your intention for the reading as you shuffle. Some people prefer to shuffle until they feel a shift in energy or a sense of readiness. Trust your intuition to guide you.

2. **Randomization:** Shuffling thoroughly ensures that the cards are well-mixed and that a diverse range of cards can come up in the reading. This can contribute to a more accurate and varied spread.

3. **Traditional Practices:** Some tarot readers follow specific guidelines based on tradition. For example, in the Rider-Waite-Smith system, it's common to shuffle the deck seven times as a symbolic and numerological choice.

4. **Personal Ritual:** Shuffling can be a ritualistic act that marks the beginning of the reading. You might choose to shuffle a specific number of times that holds personal significance for you.

5. **Reader's Comfort:** Shuffling until you feel comfortable or a sense of completion is another approach. Some readers find a natural stopping point based on how the cards feel in their hands.

6. **Guided Intuition:** Pay attention to your intuition. If you feel a strong inclination to stop shuffling after a certain number of times, it could be a sign that the cards are ready to be drawn.

7. **Client Involvement:** If you're reading for someone else, you can involve them in the shuffling process. Ask them to shuffle until they feel satisfied, then take the deck for the final shuffle.

Ultimately, the key is to find a shuffling routine that resonates with you and contributes to your comfort and confidence during the reading. Experiment with different approaches and pay attention to how the cards feel in your hands. Over time, you'll develop your own shuffling style that works best for you.

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