How Many Tarot Cards Should I Pull A Day ?

The number of tarot cards you should pull in a day can vary based on your intention, the type of reading you're doing, and your personal preferences. Here are a few different approaches to consider:

1. Single Card Pull: Pulling a single card each day is a simple and effective practice. It can provide you with a focused message or insight to reflect on throughout the day. This approach is great for daily guidance, introspection, or setting a daily intention.

2. Three-Card Spread: The three-card spread is a popular choice for daily readings. Each card represents past, present, and future or can offer insights into a situation, action, and outcome. It provides a bit more depth and context than a single card.

3. Daily Theme Pull: Pull a card to represent the overarching theme or energy of your day. This approach can help you align your actions and mindset with the energy of the card.

4. Custom Spreads: You can create your own custom spreads based on your specific questions or goals. For example, you could design a spread for exploring your emotions, relationships, or personal growth.

5. Intuitive Pulls: Some days, you might feel drawn to pull more than one card intuitively. Trust your intuition and pull as many cards as you feel guided to.

Remember that the goal of daily tarot pulls is to gain insights, inspiration, and guidance. There's no strict rule about how many cards to pull, so feel free to experiment and find an approach that resonates with you. Just ensure that you're not overwhelming yourself with too many cards, as you want to have the time and energy to truly connect with and reflect on the messages each card brings

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